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Pen or Discipline

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Two sisters were both raised by a strict mother. Dorothy grew up to parent her teenage son the same way that they were raised, while Danielle decided that her job was to nurture and raise her son with love. Whatever he was going through, they could talk about it and get through it.

Still, Dorothy didn't think that was enough. She was determined to do whatever it took to make her son respect her. She loved him too, but she refused to let him disrespect her or any adult. Over the years, Dorothy had seen far too many young men end up in the penitentiary, so if she had to discipline him to keep him out, that is what she would do. But does it matter? Some kids turn into teenagers and morph into a monster, regardless of how they're raised...

Find out who stayed out and who went in? Should Dorothy rethink her plan and do a little less discipline? Or will Danielle change her tactics in an attempt to keep her only son out of the pen?

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