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Dahlia: My Upyr Mate

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How did Dahlia survive a car wreck that no one should have survived? What if she was saved by a upyr (vampire) that believes he is her true mate? Dahlia is an Vargulf (werewolf) . She grew up knowing she had a true mate. They had been next door neighbors and best friends since they were very young. Their relationship was beautiful and special. In a time when many wolves were not able to find their true companions James and Dahlia were never without theirs. Then a drunk man took James and Dahlia’s reason for living away along with her capacity to love. The upyr found Dahlia in the twisted metal that used to be James and Dahlia ’s car, just moments before her soul left her body. He fed his blood to Dahlia and brought her back to his home. Dahlia should have died that day like any other blood bonded Vargulf would have But for some reason she was getting healthier by the day.

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