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Journey-Lesson 1: Beginnings

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This is the first lesson in the Journey Bible Study Program a series of 40 lessons covering all of the books of the Bible. This series follows the order of the books as presented in the Bible. This first lesson is a presentation of the creation stories and their meaning. There is an introduction to the first six lessons of Journey. The titles given to the chapters in the lesson give a good sense of the content. Chapter 1 is called "The Great Harmony". Chapter 2 is called "The Damaged Harmony" describing the development of sin in the human heart. Chapter 3 is called "The Collapse of Creation" and this is a description of how God dealt with sin and the consequences for humanity. Chapter 4 is entitled "The Required adjustments" . This moves us from the way God contended with sin to the way humanity has to contend with the new reality. Chapter 5 is called "the Division of the Nations and its Meaning".This is a description of how sin is expressed in mankind's relationships: with God,with the other sex, between brothers and sisters, between man and society.

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