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This Moment is Gone

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This Moment Is Gone is a playful exploration of the paradoxes of time, love and death. Although the poems circle these themes throughout, the lyrics were written in diverse forms, moods, tones and voices over 30 years. Poet and photographer George Goode grew up in Virginia but has lived and worked in France for 25 years. His poems and photographs have appeared frequently in Europe and the US.

"Wild, soft wind in the cypress and me caught
tieless at the funeral of all former meaning.“
(Ta Panta Rei)

"Just as the answer is always coiled and hidden
in the question, so the uncertainty of our love
signals implicitly its beginning and its end."
(The Necessary Error)

"Reading George Goode's poetry is an invitation to live 'transfixed between beauty and terror' (The Woods). His methods, his own thought, and his voice are all distinctive, provoking original thought in the reader."
–Michael Mott, author of works including "The World of Richard Dadd," "Woman and the Sea," and "The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton."

"George Goode's poems pose metaphysical questions, rare in contemporary poetry. He produces lyrics that are wryly romantic and betray a subversive wit."
–Tony Roberts, author of "Outsiders" and the forthcoming "Drawndark" and "Poetry in the Blood."

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