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Coping With a Dying Society: The Chilling Accounts of a Serial Killer

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Mark Acosta (born on September 26, 1981) is a Mexican-American serial killer who later became known as the Juarez Killer. Initially at a young he became fascinated with dealing of the occult which emerged immediately after his father's death in a secret Army operation in the Middle East. Throughout his infancy, he was diagnosed as having dissociative identity disorder. The parent's unable to help his son through science eventually took him to a shaman whom declared him as having encountered a demon which through spiritual help would be able to overcome a possible possession.
The death of his father helped his fears grow out of control to the point of having nervous breakdowns many of which often resulted in black outs and violent rages. His mother eventually fell mentally ill after being unable to cope with her deranged son's behavior and abused him throughout his teens eventually pushing him to commit murder.

Mark believed that a demon that went by the name of Jeffrey possessed him many times in order to commit atrocities against women specifically. After falling in love with a girl whom he had an extremely abuse relationship with and had planned to eventually kill, he let his guard down and allowed her to discover his true personality. She eventually ran away and notified the police immediately after he found a photo album that contained pictures of the women he had killed through mutilation. The police also found some human remains signaling that he liked to keep certain human parts as keepsakes from his victims.

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