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Enzi's Irregulars Act IV: The Deluge

157 pages2 hours


A collection of the fourth and last set of twenty updates from the serial fantasy fiction "Enzi's Irregulars". This tale follows the adventures of five unusual mercenaries as the Fifth Goblinoid War begins to cause problems across the world of Doulairen.

The war erupts into its terrifying climax. The five monstrous mercenaries led by the human called Enzi face their greatest challenges. Will any survive a confrontation with a horrific creature from the depths of myth and legend?

Raw and unedited, this series was updated weekly for 80 continuous unbroken weeks. No edits or tweaks were allowed, the author had to complete a narrative taking any potential past writing mistakes into consideration, trying to avoid writing himself into a corner. This series gives a taste of the author's voice and the fantasy world of Doulairen.

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