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The Slug Invasion

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The Slug Invasion is the second novel of the trilogy, and is (as usual) comprised of a prologue, ten intermediate chapters, and an epilogue. Each chapter is split into several scenes, with each being told from the first-person perspective of one of the three main characters.

This is the part where I say that this is the perfect starting point for new readers, and that you should totally just jump right in! That would be untrue however. Yes, you can start at book two if you really wanted to, and I suppose that you’d get most of it, but it wouldn’t be the same. If you want to read these books properly, go back and start at The Slug Rebellion!

Here’s what you can look forward to reading in The Slug Invasion:

- A lot more on the anatomy, culture, and lifestyles of the Slugs and Cyborgs.

- A complete and utter lack of any form of love triangle.

- More Phill!

- A glimpse at Slugenis, and another place too.

- Further descriptions of the technological and biological workings of the two races.

As the first book before it, this is still a somewhat serious, somewhat humorous work, so be prepared. It is much longer than the original, and the third and final instalment will be longer still.

If you like science fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then you may like these books. If you like novels that go into a lot of effort to describe and explain the things and people around them, then you may like this. If you liked the first book, then you should definitely like this one; if you thought the first was ‘meh’, then I think you’ll like this one better; if you hated the first book, then why are you even reading this?


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