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The Numbers on Number Street
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In The Numbers on Number Street, find out why Number 0 came to Number 1's birthday party, and how they stopped the mischief of the Magic Multiplier and the Devious Divider. See what happened when Number 7 and Number -1 went out the wrong door on the Square Root Limousine. How were the large numbers from out of town rescued after they slid through the hollow logs in the Number Street Park. There's nothing fancy or slick here, just whimsical fun that will delight and enlighten the children who hear the stores and those who read them.

Published: Clifford Singer on
ISBN: 9781310652936
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The Numbers on Number Street - Clifford Singer

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Chapter 1

It was the First of January on Number Street, and a very cold day it was. Right at the top of Number Street, Number 1 stood looking out of the only window in his tall, thin house. Number 1 was wondering whether anyone would come to his birthday party this year. He didn't think they would. The reason Number 1 was so sure he would be alone on his birthday has to do with an old custom on Number Street. You see, there's always a lot of dancing at birthday parties on Number Street. And the numbers that dance together at a birthday party have to add up to the number that's having the birthday. Number 1 couldn't think of any numbers that add up to 1. Can you?

In fact, he was so sure nobody would come that he only set out one piece of birthday cake, decorated with a single thin and lonely looking candle.

Then Number 1 heard a soft, muffled pounding on his door. He didn't have to think about what door to go to, because Number l's house only has one door. Excited, Number 1 hopped to the door and flung it open. There before him was the most amazing apparition, white from top to bottom and almost frozen stiff. Surprised, he jumped back, and it glided in through the door.

Who are you? asked Number 1, as he tried to peer through the white cloth draped all over his remarkable guest. "I, I, I'm Number 0, chattered his chilly visitor. What house do you live in?" asked Number 1. I don't have a house, she replied. I've put up a tent at the top of the street near Number 2's house. When they built all of the other houses on Number Street, they forgot to put up one for me. I guess they just started counting 1, 2, 3..., going back and forth across the street, and never thought about putting up a house for a nothing like me. I have oh so many nice warm clothes and blankets and things in my tent, but today I just can't seem to keep from shivering." At this, Number 0 gave one last shiver, and the muslin sheets she was covered with shook from top to bottom.

Well, come on in, said Number 1. I'm really glad to have some company. Today is my birthday, and I was afraid I was going to have to spend it all alone. By the way, can you dance?

Could she dance! Number 0 was delighted. Number 1 put on his one and only favorite CD, and they danced through the wee hours of the night. You should have seen them: Number 0 gliding across the floor as graceful as you please, and Number 1 hopping around after her. They danced and danced and danced, until Number 1 couldn't dance any more. Then Number 1 just twirled back and forth on the barstool by his breakfast nook while Number 0 coasted back and forth across the floor in front of him. Finally, as there was nowhere for Number 0 to sit, Number 1 offered her a blanket to wrap up in, and Number 0 went home.

Number 1 had a feeling he would be seeing this great dancer again. At least, he hoped so. He hadn't told her, but he had just lent out his only blanket. So he turned the heat up a degree, got in his warm flannel pajama, and fell fast asleep under his flannel sheet in his long, thin, single bed.

Chapter 2

It was the Second of February, and time for Number 2's birthday party on Number Street. Number 2 set out two pieces of birthday cake for her party. Not that she thought anybody would come. Number 1