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Sibley's Secret

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Sibley holds a dark secret that destroyed her family long ago. She’d lost her precious baby to an evil husband who forbad her any contact, ever. She’d cried every day since then for almost forty years. Now, it’s time to reveal the truth. Would her daughter reject her? Would she even believe Sibley was her mother? Would Sibley finally have her daughter back or lose her forever? She could go to prison for something she had not done. The emotional risks are almost unbearable as the truth unfolds, layer by layer.

Sibley’s Secret tells a tale of mystery, romance, murder, and corruption spanning a century, across two continents. It starts in Russia with the brutal fall of the Russian monarchy, continuing to modern-day America. Loves are found, lost, and refound, while searching for the missing treasure of an entire nation, lost for almost a century.

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