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Immature Ejaculation

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This novel follows the exploits of Nate, a twenty something man who should be in his sexual prime but instead concocts lies and exaggerates pathetic liaisons in order to hide his secret shame.
This book offers a unique perspective into what it is like to be a man suffering from premature ejaculation, the feelings of inadequacy and the depression that goes with it. As well as exploring the Dept's a man will go too to hide such a problem, the effects it can have on those around him and the eventual method used to cure the condition.
Although it is sensitively told, it never manages to be less than hilarious,. With Nate's search for a cure getting him into some hilarious predicaments and his cretinous friends providing no less comic relief.
Immature Ejaculation is a gem of a book that deals with a serious problem using humour, sensitivity and the sexiest of sex scenes. A must read for men and women of all ages. (over 18 only)

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