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Emotes (The Real World Series, Book One)

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“Vampires have evolved ... the Emotes are here”

By Elizabeth Lord

“Like most humans she lived in a white picket fence world, its colours and ideology muted for human understanding. The real world was far more violent and yet also more wonderful than she had any idea of. Once he revealed the real world to her, its real nature ... she would never look at it the same way again. She would see and recognise the hidden. Not only would she be changed in the way that she viewed the world but other beings would recognise her knowledge and might even seek her out”

“This planet has two worlds co-existing on it: there is the human world ... protected, muted and oblivious ... and there is the real world ... where the mortal exist alongside the immortal, the natural with the supernatural.”

“All your childhood stories ... fables ... Faery tales? Witches and Warlocks. Faerie folk. Vampires. Shape-shifters. Dragons. Merfolk. Werewolves. Ogres and goblins. All true. Every tale I've ever heard has either been factual or based on an element of truth”.

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