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Nothing ever happens the way it is supposed to. Eldric was the heir. He should have been the one to take the throne. After years of fighting with the Keepers, he would eventually free the slaves. Eldric was kidnapped and Aeldon was pushed onto the throne. The slaves escaped the city of Dalthanalle in the depths of night and left behind the owners who had neither the knowledge, nor drive, to perform their tasks.
The Keepers now have the opportunity to take what they have wanted since the formation of the young kingdom. The only thing that stands in their way is a reluctant king.
After months of unsuccessful negotiations, Elanya chooses to leave Rallinwar in search of the one man capable of pulling the kingdom together; her father. Devon accompanies her on her search, but he is plagued with his own problems from within and without. Young in the art of Thread Magic, it is discovered he has the potential to become the greatest Weaver since before the Time of Famine. Unfortunately for him, there are Weavers better trained who have no desire to see him rise to power.
Requiter is the second book in the Drums of Rallinwar series.

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