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Them That Live Below.

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There are three interlocked tales in this book: One about growing up in the Lost World of 70's West Virginia; one where a young man returns home to find that not only have things changed in his home town but that it was always so much more than he suspected. And one an unavoidable family secret that shields everyone from an ancient strife between humans and Them that Live Below.
This isn’t a book about how things really happened, it’s definitely not an autobiography. Its closer to family legend, but one told from just outside the glare of the street lights.
Did break my arm and spend 3 days in a hospital? Yes. Did my brother stab me with my own pocketknife? Yes. Do I have re-occurring dreams of the same house near a UFO base? Yes.
But if my granmaw Wellman whacked a bear on the nose with an iron skillet and killed it instantly then who’s to say her dog didn’t live for 45 years or that one night she didn’t have a visit from a dead relative? Or that folks swear we’re all descended from French-Canadian river pirates? Oh you’ve heard that part have you? Then you must realize the rest is true...except the parts that aren’t of course.

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