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Michael is transported to a 1950s sitcom after he arrives home from a hard day at work. Junie, his live-in girlfriend and an epic tease, has gone all June Cleaver on him--candlelight, soft music and the dining room table set with cloth napkins and the good silverware. Junie's erotic patter, aided by her frilly apron (and nothing else) gets Michael in a froth. Things really start happening after the main course, when Junie brings out dessert. What follows is epic dining room table debauchery that will especially delight chocolate lovers (or those who just appreciate really sloppy, but fun, sex). This 2,800-word erotic short story features explicit M/F sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal play and food desecration. Don't say you weren't warned. A bonus 1,800 word erotic short story is also included.

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