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The Stolen Days of John Mann

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Part 1 of All the Days of John Mann.

Long years after the virus made the leap, the people of England live in scattered communities, the threat of slow starvation and swift outbreaks of the choke darken their days. What is left of society teeters always on the brink of collapse and a rag-tag military barely keeps order.

John Mann, preacher and healer, travels the byways plying his trade amongst the old and the sick, keeping to the shadows, always watching the road at his back.

John Mann is haunted, the only known survivor of exposure to the virus and perhaps the sole source of a vaccine. He is also hunted by many who would use him not to save lives but to bring a choking end to those who would oppose them.

John Mann now finds himself bound by a promise to track a taken boy, a promise that will force him out of the shadows, and back onto the grid once more.

John Mann is to be both feared and betrayed, but when cornered he will visit a terrible justice on anyone who threatens what he holds dear.

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