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Stryker 3: Stryker's Bounty

168 pages6 hours


Matt Stryker is a bounty hunter hot on the trail of a man running from justice when he comes across burnt-out stage station. The Ridges & Hale coach lies in ashes and the coach’s passengers are shriveled black charcoal. But stationmaster Dodge Miller was alive. He’d played dead well enough to fool the perpetrators and then drag himself to the outhouse afterward. Molly, Dodge’s wife, may also be alive, as the perpetrators took her with them. Dodge and Molly have often given Stryker of their hospitality and now it’s his turn to pay them back. “Please. Please find my Molly,” Dodge says, and Stryker promises that he will. But the perpetrators also took 250 pounds of gold, and soon half the county is riding in pursuit, including John Walker, the white Pima, and Taklishim, the Apache scout. But when push comes to shove, is Molly Miller more important that 250 pounds of gold.
Charles T. Whipple is an international prize-winning author, uses the pen name of Chuck Tyrell for his Western novels.

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