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The Fiancee Fiasco

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Roseanne is determined to make partner at Covington March law firm. Such a position represents the security and independence she's craved all her life. But achieving such a goal won't be easy. She'll need to bring in a big client, a fish nobody else could have caught.
As disgruntled former clients go, Winthrop Carruthers is as disgruntled as they come. The brainy Houston entrepreneur wants nothing to do with the law firm who'd botched his divorce. He wants even less to do with Roseanne, a prickly Yankee female who clearly thinks the worst of him. But then Roseanne promises to give him what he most desperately wants: a halt to the vexing rumors he's going to reconcile with his ex-wife. Winthrop recklessly agrees to sign on any dotted line Roseanne pleases.
Little does he guess the exasperating female intends to douse the rumors by posing her irritating self as his loving fiancée.
A single, sweet romance.

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