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Training Survival Guide

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Training Survival Guide is the second book in the Big Rig Ebook series. It has been designed to guide you into the crazy world of trucking schools, companies and even into your first truck. I give you tips and tricks that the schools and the companies don’t want you to know about. Why would they want you to be able to get your school for free? Do they know what is best for you and your situation? I will help you look out for YOU! Because at the end of the day the schools and the companies need YOU. I even tell you how to get a company to pay for your training while you are employed by them. The schools and companies are there to help you. However, they will pretty much tell you whatever you want to hear so you will lay out the cash or drive for them. Make sure you are informed, make sure you know how to control your future.

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Professional drivers are in high demand in the United States right now, and the rush is on for young men and women all across the country to get their CDL and become a trucker. However, before you launch yourself into the world of professional trucking, there are some things you need to know in order to be a successful driver.
This information can all be found in the Training Survival Guide, a Big Rig E-Book. This e-book contains everything you need to know about the initial phases of becoming a professional truck driver. From planning how you will get your CDL, to what to expect from your trainer, this book has all the answers.
As a former driver, I know the value of having good information when embarking up this career. I did not have the kind of information offered in this book, and some of the choices I made were due to a lack of sufficient knowledge. Reading this book will help you prepare for your career so that when you do attend driving school, or sign on with your first carrier, you will already know what to expect.
While no book can take the place of hands on training in the field, this one can definitely make you more equipped for that training. I would highly recommend that any person considering a career as a professional truck driver read this book. If you want to jumpstart your career, this book is a great tool to make that happen.

Joshua C. Rarrick
Author, Editor, & Journalist

These books are well written from a Driver and Owner Operators point of view. This is a current Owner Operator who is successfully managing his business and home life while being on the road continuously. Very good information for anyone interested or wanting to begin a career in Trucking and the Transportation Industry. Information on how to start and what to expect from someone, not with all the hype of trying to recruit you. These books and the Blog will save you a lot of time energy and frustration getting started and keeping up as you go.

C. Fowler
Driver /trainer/Mentor with 38 years of O.T.R. experience

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