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Snow White And The Seven Little Dudes (Comedy/Drama Play Script)

100 pages46 minutes


Drama/Comedy Play Script

Anyone who is anyone in Rocklandia is part of a band. But the queen, from a foreign country, can’t sing. She dreams of a baby that will have a beautiful voice. Her baby, Susan, whom everyone calls Snow White, is born with a beautiful voice.
But the queen dies, and the new queen doesn’t like anyone singing better than she does. This causes problems for Snow White. She tries to talk to her father, but he is too distracted with the wars between his country and those of Jazzland, Operaland, Bluesland, and others.
When the magic mirror informs the queen that Snow White sings better, she decides to have her agent, Mr. Huntsman, trick her into drinking something that will destroy her voice.
Mr. Huntsman can not do it, and she ends up running away to live with the seven dwarves, who have their own rock band and are in need of a female vocalist. But this twisted tale still has a long way to go.
This is the perfect comedy to perform with a medium size cast.

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