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The Adventures of Sammy and Alistair: Man Overboard!

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"Man Overboard!" is the second book in "The Adventures of Sammy and Alistair" series. Based on the bible's Book of Jonah, "Man Overboard!" explores what happens when we try to put our earthly desires against God's will.

It's 1963, and Alistair- a young, black man from Alabama- is a year away from graduating high school.

This is his second summer visiting his Uncle Sammy- a rich man living in middle Georgia. Last year's motorcycle trip in "Sidecar" took them to Atlanta where they saved a white man's life despite encountering racism and stereotypes.

This time Sammy and Alistair take a trip to a far-off island in the Philippines, where Tallulah-the missionary they met in "Sidecar" that Sammy fell head over heals for- is teaching orphans and underprivileged children. She needs the two of them to bring her Bibles.

Since Sammy is in love, he's going. Since Alistair is his nephew, he doesn't have a choice.

What happens when they arrive, however, tests their faith against God's will, especially when someone from the mission disappears on a ship with very few clues left behind.

Smugglers, mercenaries, a corrupt mayor, a quirky priest and a budding soccer star lead to an adventure like no other for Sammy and Alistair in "Man Overboard!"

Proceeds from "Man Overboard!" will go directly to Action International's KIDS Home mission that supports bringing Filipino children off of the streets and into shelter.

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