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Darkness Rising 1: Chained

480 pages6 hours


Wild magic comes at a cost... that of the mind.

Emelia dreams of escape from her life of servitude. She dreams of magical powers; she dreams of dark things. When tragedy awakens the sorcery within her she embarks upon an epic journey in the company of two charming thieves.
In the Dead City an ancient evil awakens. The Lord of the Ghasts covets a magical Prism, the clues to which lie with Emelia. And when he begins to share her dreams, surely it is only a matter of time until she succumbs to his power?

Darkness Rising Book One - Chained is the first book in an exciting new epic fantasy series combining traditional heroic fantasy plotlines with modern dialogue and thrilling characters. Available for the first time free on Smashwords, readers have given excellent reviews:

'Ross M. Kitson has built a complex and convincing world here. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend just picking up just the first book, or even the first two books. Get all three, because you'll be chain-reading them.' D Brzeski (British Fantasy Society)

'A finely crafted and unique fantasy novel which had me hooked from the first page. Packed full of action, drama and humor this is a must for anyone who enjoys epic fantasy.' G.Turner 5 stars

'this is an excellent start to the trilogy - richly imagined, well written and thoroughly absorbing. I loved all the main characters, with their quirks and complexities and quarrels and insecurities, and I loved this beautifully detailed world, which feels completely real. A very enjoyable read, and I look forward to the rest of the series.'
Pauline Ross 4 stars

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