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Could You Be Loved: A Memoir of Scars and Guitars

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"I hike up my pant leg and show him where the bandage wraps around my shin.
“There’s still an open wound there, hasn’t quite finished healing yet, the size of a quarter or so,” I explain."

Seductive, heartfelt, and gritty, Margarita M.'s "Could You be Loved: A Memoir of Scars and Guitars", is a stripped-down, honest account of longing, romance and survival.
The story begins in the sterile room of an ER where Margarita recovers from a life-threatening illness that leaves her physically and emotionally scarred. When she finally returns to “normal life”— the vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood which months ago had been the setting for sexual and artistic adventures— we discover the healing process has just begun.
Within the first months of her recovery Margarita falls in love with Dennis, a talented and tortured musician who has also survived a physical trauma and seems to meet her needs in every way. Soon after meeting they start a reggae band and begin planning the perfect life together, filled with hot sex, music and love. However, as things become more and more serious Margarita finds herself trapped in an impossible situation. In order to escape her pain she must do what she has been terrified of all along: confront herself.
Written with the sensuality of Anais Nin and warm wit of Elizabeth Gilbert, "Could You Be Loved" is a refreshing and excruciating account of self-acceptance, how the hardest work involves seeing ourselves clearly and with compassion.
As a yoga and meditation teacher, Margarita brings an understanding of the mind-body connection to her writing, giving readers insight into their own path of healing.

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