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Message In The Bottle

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To love is miserable and happiness is to be loved. In other words there cannot love without sex and there cannot be sex without love. This is a story about one of the famous criminal lawyer who was educated at Oxford in England and then returned to practice criminal law in India. His career took him to the pinnacle of success. His fame spread far and wide and became a household name among the judiciary circles.

He fell in love with a pretty girl head over heels in an unusual circumstance. An accident between his motorcycle and a rickshaw on a rainy slippery day.
They had premarital sex a few times while they were in college and now the meeting of the two souls in the form of breathing, eye lock, visible, tangible flesh and blood, the immortal flame of love was born with a sense of indescribable exaltation of joy.

But the road ahead was bumpy, they lost contact with each other while he went to study law at Oxford and her to become a teacher. When he returned from Oxford, he found her and at that time he came to know that she was the daughter of his estate employee. It took great many efforts when both were united in wedlock.

After several years of successful practice, the other lawyers ganged upon him because he had become a threat to their livelihood. He refused to palm the grease of false witnesses, judges and police official. Little by little, he started losing his clients and closed his law practice. He tried to seek a teaching position but of no avail. He became unemployed and frustrated. He resorted to alcohol as a means to escape from boredom. Soon he was drinking from morning till night. Having no source of income, he sold all his inherited valuable land of 300 acres. He became penniless and the catastrophic moment had arrived. His health failed, he staggered to his bedroom under the influence of alcohol and lost total self respect.

He was going to commit suicide instead he became a monk.

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