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A Travellers Diary Through Egypt: Terrorism Wasn't In The Sales Brochure

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That long awaited overseas destination that you had dreamed of visiting for many years can present more than you had bargained for. Exotic safaris in locations glamorised in many Hollywood films over the years can suddenly turn what was part of a script writer's drama into a real life threatening experience. In this day and age many overseas locations don't offer the peace and security they once had. Nowadays in this changing volatile world the tourist has to look beyond the glossy tourist brochure to understand the dangers that can lie ahead.

Travel authors and film producers Joy and Brian Grant are no newcomers to the travel industry. With their professional television and journalistic careers behind them they have turned their attention to travelling the length and breadth of the Australian continent. Their travel award winning products have attracted the attention of not only arm chair travellers but overseas governments looking for a safe travel destination for their growing number of tourists leaving their shores. This hasn't stopped Joy and Brian from packing their cameras and notebooks and spreading their wings to travel the world in search of new destinations and adventures. According to this globe hopping duo, as far as the tourist are concerned it can be a real jungle out there. This sometimes uncovers a few surprises both good and bad not to be found in the glossy sales brochure making life threatening reading for the unwary traveller.

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