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Eesal left his world as it exploded. He traveled to earth and lived among the inhabitants for hundreds of years. No one suspected what he was or where he really came from. He worked as a sceintist giving some of the knowledge from his world to the humans on earth. Then one day his world was taken away from him. His woman and his friends were killed by a band of ruthless vampires. Now the vampires think they are safe from the puny humans. They think there is no one strong enough to make them pay for the murders they committed.
However there is something the vampires don't know about Eesal. He is not from this world and what he can do is not from this world. He intends to find them and kill them all and there is not a single thing they can do about it. In his search for the killers he finds a second chance to be happy. That is if he can stop the same vampires from ruining his life a second time.

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