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Queen Of The Raptors #2

27 pages18 minutes


Warning! This is a story about women and or men having sex with dinosaurs. It has been written for the pleasure and entertainment of the reader. Sexual encounters within this story are graphic in nature and may be considered disturbing to some, and erotic to others. Read at your own risk, or enjoy at your own pleasure.

Megan is a college student in her senior year, participating in a foreign exchange program to England, when an afternoon trip to Stonehenge sends her and her fellow students back into the time of dinosaurs.

With her best friend Amanda at her side, Megan and their Raptor pack have stumbled upon Chelsea. Chelsea was kidnapped by a pack of Spitters who are now holding her hostage.

Can Amanda, Megan, and their Raptor lovers rescue Chelsea?

Will Chelsea’s treatment of Amanda in their freshman year come back to haunt her?

Who is the Queen of the Raptors?

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