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Shallow Songs

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Shallow Songs is a collection containing three 'pure' science fiction stories, and a further four of a more contemporary nature. The stories are centred around the concept of humanity - what it means and how we embrace it, as well as how our own definitions of humanity affect our daily lives and our wider moral outlook. There are moments of action, adventure, and emotion, all contributing to an absorbing experience from start to finish.
The first story, Grendot, is about a man who lives with an online link built into his brain - but someone is using it to control him.
The Man Who Killed God deals with an ordinary man, forced into a choice about taking a life.
Housebug is a story of domestic abuse and its consequences.
What Happens Next? is a story offering the reader the chance to decide the outcome.
Lara Linney is about a young woman confronted by her past.
Vince is the tale of a young man in London, and some of his exploits.
The Audit deals with the consequences of genetic 'seeding' on our planet.

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