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Manly Men Collection 2

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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of a waiter who finds himself in the arms of a very well hung alpha male after work, a cyclist used and exposed in public to his pleasure, a little fun with the mail man, and a disagreement that turns into a pleasurable time for two men. There's something for everyone within!

'Manly Men Collection 2' contains:

# Top Class Service (Alpha Male)
His masculine stride tells me that this is no normal man. Cindy, the restaurant's hostess, rushes over. "I'll have him by the end of the week," I reassure with surety on seeing her small smile. Cindy shakes her head with a knowing look. This time I am wrong: HE will have me!

# Casual Pass (Public)
I have NEVER been more angry in my life! The French pro is revealing my homosexuality to them all; my competitors are giving me scandalized looks. I'm going to do bad things - he will pay! The weirdest relationship of one man's life begins with a thrown fist.

# Postal Affair (Uniform)
My dream - desire - in tight blue shorts. The post man delivers and I wish he'd deliver to me today. I sigh and straighten. He's not gay - I'm certain. However, The truth is stranger than any fiction. A threesome? One dream becomes reality!

# Superb Performance (Hunk)
Heart throb Tom Stone isn't gay. Rocker and superb performer maybe, but definitely NOT gay. One brutal fight leads stage manager Harry to realizations paved with secret pleasures done with a man who shouldn't be, but is, gay.

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