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Gloria's Golden Sunday

44 pages31 minutes


An explicit adult tale, not for sale to young people under the age of 18, nor to anyone who may be offended by descriptions of sexual acts between a woman and many men.

Tom and Gloria are happy together, but she's jealous about him going on a boys day out with his mates and wants to go along. Even when he warns her that the lads are likely to be drunk and horny on the way home and would more than likely want to pass her body around she's not deterred, and to his surprise nor is he.

After a pub lunch and some wet games with a stranger in the toilet, Tom lets her go home with the other man, to see if she really is up for it and to see if he is jealous. It goes well, and the next day Gloria is on the bus with Tom and seventeen of his mates.

Contains descriptions of sexual intercourse, both vaginal and anal, and of sex games involving spraying and drinking of fresh urine

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