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A Special Maid for Kancaid

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Thomas Kancaid is a selfish, rich, Hollywood director who sees women as play toys and is a cold, hard man. He hires a new maid who is no different in Thomas eyes-another play toy that he easily dominates. As Thomas has his way with the new maid, he soon discovers that Martina isn't at all like the woman he's encountered- she's sweet, gentle, and so inexperienced in the bedroom- the most enduring thing about her. And he wants to know why she's so different-so special?

Martina Gutierrez finds herself alone, scared, and in dire need of work-so desperate for work that she uses her body to convince a multi-billionaire movie director to hire her as his maid.
Martina sees Thomas as cold, harsh, and rude-yet she can't seem to get enough of him. And she can't stop herself from caring about him...
As they selfishly enjoy physical pleasure from each other, their hearts may be leading them down a more selfless path...

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