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Land of the Flowers

34 pages28 minutes


Florida is in danger of being built-up, paved-over, and loved to death, but monsters still lurk in its dank, wet corners. When the body of controversial politician Joseph Swain is found in the jaws of a tremendous alligator, the swamp is full of people who might have wanted him dead. Was he killed by the neighbor who takes a hit in the pocketbook every time the congressman spearheads a new piece of environmental legislation? Was he murdered by the backwoodsman who sees him for the hypocrite that he is? Did his longsuffering wife finally crack? Garrett Levy is just a short balding environmental bureaucrat, but he knows the swamp, and he knows that it's up to him to find Swain's killer before the gators uncover another bloody corpse.

LAND OF THE FLOWERS is a short story by awardwinning mystery author Mary Anna Evans, who has received recognition for her work including the Benjamin Franklin Award, the Mississippi Author Award, and the Florida Literature Award. More of Ms. Evans' short works are available in her collection, JEWEL BOX.

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