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Kill Them Wherever You Find Them

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If you're anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Muslim, pro-terrorism, a bigot, pro-hate, anti-Mormon, expect sex scenes and vulgar language for "realism;" don't read this book, you won't enjoy it.

But if you love great sci-fi/espionage books and are generous enough to overlook errors (the author is partly blind), you will enjoy this exciting story. Please note that in some instances the writing is altered to reflect how Russians today, and Civil War era American Southerners of the past actually speak. (For example: In the Russian language the indefinite articles "a," "an," and "the" do not exist.) This is to provide an extra measure of authenticity to the characters and story line. (While he speaks several languages, the author is a native English speaker with an extensive vocabulary and textbook grammar.)


The Israeli spy agency, the Mossad, has uncovered actionable intelligence detailing a daring and highly organized, well-funded, strike against the State of Israel and large Jewish population centers in major cities around the world. Terrorists have obtained, modified and weaponized two biological pathogens secreted from a Level Four Bio Research Lab outside Moscow.

A former Special Ops scholar from the U.S. is recruited to work with "The Project," an ultra-secret program. It is anticipated that a drastic and last ditch response to the attacks, utilizing advances in technology, will thwart the terrorists from executing their plan of annihilation.

Before exploiting this extraordinary scientific discovery it must first be field tested in as controlled an environment as possible with measurable, history altering results. A violent and racist family, with criminal roots dating back to the American Civil War, has been identified for the first phase. The objective: Eliminate the sociopath patriarch of this family and carefully measure the time-line 'ripple' effects that could adversely affect the current timeline.

The American Operative, Jeff Stauffenburg, is sent to Civil War era Virginia where he is taken prisoner during a surprise Confederate raid to capture fleeing slaves and their sympatizers. Critically wounded during the raid, Jeff finds himself facing death from a leg wound that is going septic. Should he survive that he still faces the hangman's noose as a northern spy.

Without the successful completion of this first critical phase, the second phase comes to a halt even as the terror leaders continue to strengthen their presence with sleeper cells inserted within Israel and strategic cities worldwide. Should they prevail the terrorists will succeed in wiping Israel off the face of the map, guaranteeing that no survivors of world Jewry will be able to rebuild their country. Millions will die in abject agony.

In Los Angeles one of the bio-agents is released early, by accident, in an apartment building killing the residents within minutes of its dispersion. This crises brings in the full weight of the United States counter-terror units, FBI, CIA, and the Centers for Disease Control; even as a Mossad agent monitoring the the foot traffic and conversations of the 'safe house' of two known leaders of the terror network, learns that this accidental release half a world away has moved the scheduled strike date well ahead of schedule.

The story interweaves the lives, hopes and differing perspectives of the main characters who are well defined, leaving you to feel toward some as you would a friend while pitying and perhaps loathing others. The thrilling conclusion leaves you hungering for the next two books as you become emotionally invested in the lives and unfolding stories of the people in the trilogy.

A complete story in and of itself, the exciting book takes you through twists that are at times expected, sometimes completely unanticipated and surprising - even shocking. As a bonus the first several chapters of the second book in the

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