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Feros and the Underworld Prince

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I’m Cole Treyfair. I suppose I have some apologies to make. Nothing has been the same since I came back and I just keep screwing things up. In the fifteen months I’ve been gone, Loki has disappeared and the war is over as far as everyone is concerned. Cheza has moved on with her life and is going to school, and while I still love her, do I have the right to drag her away from her normal life just because I’m back?
Only time will tell if it was worth coming back at all...

Despite Loki’s disappearance, someone is still causing trouble. Certain supernaturals have been getting upgrades that make them stronger and faster, putting them on par with minor gods. At The Agency’s request, Cole is helping with the investigations; investigations that involve the Underworld, South American vampires, jinn, a medley of different pantheons, supernatural schools, old friends, new enemies, and dozens of problems.
During his down time –in between being stabbed, beaten, shot, and stabbed again— Cole looks into how he was even able to come back at all, leading him to truths about his past that are better off forgotten.

Feros and the Underworld Prince is the third book in The Gods’ Executioner Series and is the sequel to Mania and the Executioner.

*Due to graphic violence, sexual content, and humor, this book is not recommended to those under the age of 16*

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