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Forging the Half-Goblin Sorcerer

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This book is for fantasy junkies. it takes the reader to a world that has just entered its Iron Age. It is a time when kings battle kings for revenge and survival, and sorcerers and alchemists pit magic against science. It tells the story of a half-goblin orphan, Trak, who is hated by both goblins and men. His world is torn by racial hatred, and Trak struggles to be accepted. When he finds love, it is taken from him by fate. It will not surprise regular fantasy readers that the half-goblin eventually overcomes his humble beginnings.
Trak's destiny becomes clear when the earth is overrun by white goblins fleeing the Underworld. His magic is critical in the battle between the surface dwellers and a malevolent demigod who seeks domination of the earth. But which side does Trak support? Be warned, this tale has many twists that will keep the reader guessing as the final battle between good and evil unfolds.

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