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Tied in Knots (Lesbian Ghost Hunters, #5)

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The ghost hunters are working a wedding when they run into someone they never expected to see again. One ghost, three ghost hunters, and a duffel bag full of borrowed toys—everyone loves a good wedding!

“Rachael and Robin,” sighed Valentine. She leaned her elbows on the table, propping her chin on her upturned hands so as to look up at me through her eyelashes. I felt my stomach flutter. “It’s even alliterative. How can I ever compete?”

“She’s not—I mean, we’re not together—” I said, flustered. “We’re just partners. And my name’s actually not Robin. It’s—”

Valentine put a finger on my lips, cutting me off mid sentence. “Don’t tell me,” she said, her finger still pressed to my lips. “I want to be surprised on our wedding day.” I raised my eyebrows and she grinned. “What’s your favorite color?”

“Blue,” I said. My lips moved against her finger. I didn’t try to move away. I was spellbound by her gaze. I almost said, Like your eyes.

Valentine grinned. “Code name Blue,” she said. She picked up her tray again and looked over her shoulder at me. “Looking forward to working with you.”

This could get...interesting.

This 10,000 word novelette is intended for mature audiences.

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