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The Sudden Madness of Shelly Q

88 pages46 minutes


Shelly Q, a good-looking and intelligent model, has a handsome and billionaire tycoon falling heads-over-heels in love with her.

A shocking and strange incident occurs, which alters Shelly’s gray cells. She descends into a state of hallucinatory madness, and then slowly gets drawn into a vortex of deadly murders, attacks, and acts of deceit, greed and manipulations.

Does Shelly really live through the nightmare? Was she imagining the events? Is Shelly dead, and is her ghost experiencing the evil? Or, does Shelly really experience and solve all the nastiness that follows the shocking incident?

Read the novelette and hitch a terrifying ride on a nightmarish journey full of death, delusions and an unusual denouement.

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