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Heaven Scented

274 pages3 hours


The arrowhead sat dormant for eighteen years. Awakening to the present as the young girl’s birthday approaches, it sets events in motion, which pull on Ben’s heartstrings. Across country, the jasmine blooms and its scent drifts on the breeze in search of his soul. When a glimpse of the past gives fate a nudge, Ben yet again, finds himself chasing the fragments of a dream.
Jeannie has one big regret in her life and waits patiently for the day when she is able to see her daughter who she gave up for adoption eighteen year previously. Little does she know that her world will be turned upside down, as serendipity sets about having its wicked way.
In the final book of the first trilogy, fate tests the Adams family to the limits. Ben and Jeannie, amidst the twists and turns of life, rush headlong towards their little piece of heaven, which they hope waits just around the corner, over the hill...

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