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The Bride and The Predator

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The Bride and The Predator is the story of a good, decent, gentleman and his struggle to keep his family whole in spite of unimaginable adversity.

Michael Pooley is anything but an average man. His life experiences and lessons learned beginning in early childhood have congealed to develop a man of insight, intelligence and character. These traits are evident in his fresh and heartfelt writing style. My Brother’s Lover is a true romance, filled-with humor, heartache and joy.

This manuscript spans ten years and tells a tale of infatuation, young love, excitement, anticipation, intrigue, frustration, betrayal and denial. The plot deals with an idealist and a trusting young man who seems forever doomed to live in the shadow of an older brother who has manipulated, lied, bullied and strong-armed his way through life. Dori, the love of Michael’s life, learned all about deceit and betrayal from Lenney, the older brother, before Michael entered her life. She continued to learn from Lenney and to practice those lessons even after she become Michael’s wife.

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