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Connect with More People

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Are you a "people" person?
That really isn't a trick question. We all know them don't we? People who just ooze confidence and charisma. They are at home in any environment or situation. Sometimes, they may be referred to in romance novels as "silver-tongued devils."

How do they do it? It's really puzzling. Family gatherings, business meetings, school functions and more. We see them everywhere and, while we may marvel at their ability to lure others like a moth to the flame, we are usually a bit envious.

Or perhaps your experience is slightly different. Do you have a circle of friends that you hold close? It seems like these folks just seem to fit your needs for friendship and companionship like a glove.

Neither of those scenarios is right or wrong. But, what if you find yourself in a place where you must broaden your sphere of influence? Maybe you feel like you are in a rut and need to make some changes? After all, they do say that variety is the "spice of life?"

Or, perhaps your job has changed and you find yourself in need of a dramatic change in your rolodex of contacts. This can be no laughing matter if your paycheck depends on expanding your business relationships.

What can you do?

If you need to expand your base of connections for any reason, consider the following:
1. Why do you want need to change?
2. Where do you find people to add to your list of connections?
3. What resources should you have in place ahead of time?

Answering these questions is the first step toward expanding your horizons both personally or professionally. And, since you are still with us, it's a good bet you have a serious interest in pursuing change in your life.

It's great you are considering making this change. But, you really need to pursue your education about making new connections before you move forward.

So, how do you do that? Where do you get that kind of knowledge? Glad you asked. You need our handbook called, "Connect With More People!"

This comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to know about pursuing new connections. Not only will it answer all your questions, it will answer ones you haven't even thought of!

Everything is there to help you understand what kind of commitment is required. A regular gal just like you and me is willing to share her knowledge and expertise about expanding your contacts and connections. Take a look at what you'll uncover:
- Learn about real body language.
- Find out how to start a conversation with a stranger.
- Discover how to really listen.
- How to make the connection!

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