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Doctrine of Happiness. Where Sigmund Freud Went Wrong?

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This is a new book in Original Concepts Series. This is NOT based on any high fi research. Many of you may not agree with what is written. People like that have existed for ever. They imprisoned Galileo and others rebuked the person who found out about existence of Sperms. They said those were parasites.

If you want to read a book by a so called expert on love please go somewhere else.

This is 100% original content and concept. Do not infringe on our copyright. Feel free to use in research with reference.

In this book you will find original concept on Doctrine of Happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy. That is the first, second and the third principle of psychology as per me, Dr AMAR Anup, MD.
But what is happiness?
To understand happiness we will have to look at the basics first.
We exist at various levels. First and foremost level of existence is the basic level of survival. That is we want to continue to breathe. L 1.
Next level is the level for survival. We want to be able to hydrate (drink say water) when thirsty, eat when hungry and be able to do such basic physiological activities. L 2.
The third level is the level to enjoy life. This level is the core of all psychology. This is the level where we seek happiness. Once the first two levels l1 and L2 are met we go for L3. If for any reason L1 is not being fully met we will not focus on L2 or L3. So a person who is very short of breath or who is passing out will not think about or focus on happiness. The same way if level one is met but level two requirements are not met the person will not focus on L3 or finding happiness. So if one is hungry one will look for food and not for what makes him or her happy.
Here we will only focus on level 3 (L3) or happiness.

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