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Lily's Matinee

33 pages32 minutes


****for mature readers that use their imagination to get off and don't want to do the heavy lifting****

Bored after another long day at work Lily just can't stay in the apartment. She decides she has to go out and do something but it turns out to be something she never expected. With sticky hands and a salty tang in her mouth at the end of the night, Lily can't believe what she has just done with a stranger. And in a very public place no less. But it's only the beginning as Lily's insistent throbbing in her perpetually soaked panties pushes her farther into depravity with every new volume....

WARNING: The Lily series contains sex acts that become increasingly more graphic as the series progresses. Lily's Matinee is the first and following titles will be released as available. They will continue for as long as Lily can stand it.

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