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When Gods Attack..A Mystery Times Kids Series-Book 2 (Stories Geared 4 Boys)

58 pages43 minutes


Hi, one and all. This time I, Zachary(Gamer),am the one telling the story of our recent adventure. So, you can bet its going to packed with my side splitting jokes, my quick gaming whit, and my ready for action attitude.
Along with my brother, Ronald (inventor), my sis, Alyssia (observer), and our Dad, we'll breeze through this current level within our Uncle Derrick's virtual game which we've been trapped in for what seems like forever.
So, enough talk! It's time to move!

The Mystery Times series is geared towards male readers with short, action pack stories that are filled with laughs, fights, and references to things that interest todays males. While educating them in historical times, places, cultures, and people, in a cool way that they won't even notice.

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