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Simple Writing Strategies Presents: Write Any Book For Profit In 30 Days or Less

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So you want to learn how to write a book? Well I can teach you...
How to Write a Fiction or Non-Fiction Book, in 30 days or less.

It’s true and entirely possible.
I can show YOU how to write a book in under a month! Even if you’ve never even considered writing something of that size.
Even if you feel you can’t write or type, or if you have precious little time to write. The Mind-Blowing information provided in this powerful book will revolutionise the way you tackle writing a book and make writing the Best-Seller You deserve faster than you ever thought possible.
“You’re Book Will Practically Write Itself!”

You'll learn a number of techniques and strategies I have learn't and used over the years to write books month after month. Techniques like: How to write a chapter in under a day, (depending on how fast you type.)
How to write a non-fiction book in 50 hours or less.
How to write living, breathing, real characters in seconds.
How to buy best selling plots for mere pennies. Totally legal without getting into trouble with copyright laws.
Learn how to do research in the fastest time possible. Cutting it down from days to mere hours.
Learn how to get in the right mindset so that nothing will stop you from writing your book.
Discover how to create killer topics that keep your readers coming back for more.
How to get an agent successfully following simple steps.
Learn the secret strategy of knowing what's on every page of your book, before it's even written.
Learn how to create a mood in seconds using a very special technique.
Discover how to unleash your creativity, even when you don't think you have any.
How to turn you book into a customer magnet, turning on the tap to never-ending profits.
And much, much more.

So if you've ever had the desire to write a book, but thought it would be too hard and time consuming. I'm here to tell you it's entirely possible for you to write it start to finish in under a month, no matter what your level of experience is.

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