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The Shaman's Calling

536 pages7 hours


*2014 Global eBook Awards Bronze Winner: Best Young Adult Fiction*

Teen adventure with a Native American depth. Buffy, Moon and Kooie are the offspring of a Souix medicine man, who has taught Moon and Buffy much of his craft. When a new girl, Gwen, arrives at school, actually moving in across the road from them, Buffy can’t wait to help the scarred, difficult and moody teen. Teaching her to ride a horse, and how to enter a shaman’s trance, to journey to the Great Spirit’s Realm proves much easier than getting her to help and love another girl, a mean one who bullies Gwen and is as crippled inside as Gwen!

Getting stuck in the Dark realm, becoming jealous of Gwen when she becomes Moon’s girlfriend, are only a few of the problems Buffy experiences for sticking her nose in Gwen’s affairs. Discovering that Gwen can change from in the Spirit Realm, into a wolf, something no normal shaman can do, mystifies Moon and Buffy. They soon learn that Gwen harbors many secrets, which the Great Spirit expects them to figure out the hard way! Even Gwen is unaware of her past lives and her place in Native legend! After all, how many teens do you know that were made to be a wolf after being a wickedly bad medicine man in a long past life, like Gwen was?!

Deep and exciting teen adventure for teen’s from thirteen to ninety two!

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