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One Less Elvis (and Other Stories)

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The title story is a 10,000 word novelette set in Chicago in 1993. More specifically at the Anders Regency in The Loop, where an Elvis impersonators convention is going on. Larry "Hound Dog" Vasquez has been found murdered. Those at the convention--musicians, impersonators, agents, hangers-on--all share an admiration of Elvis. The other thing they seem to have had in common was a virtually universal dislike of "Hound Dog" Vasquez, who'd apparently been obnoxious. But then again, so is Lt. Davis, the cop investigating the homicide, and he's also lazy and cynical. He thinks the easiest thing would be slap together a case against Charlie Sparkle, "The Memphis Queen." A few of those at the convention, though, harbor the quaint idea that there should be an actual investigation of the murder.

The remaining four stories involve an eleven-year-old girl who discovers something disturbing in her brother's backpack, a deranged pizza delivery man, a commodities trader pushed to the literal edge, and an apostate minister trying to come up with a sermon on Easter morning.

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