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Zombie Spring

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SYNOPSIS OF ZOMBIE SPRING: General Cartwright Jones, has been given an impossible task. He is under orders to take his 50,000 man army into LA and clean out the Zombie infection which is due to go airborne in just four days. If he cannot complete his mission on schedule, the President has made it clear he will solve the problem through nuclear depopulation. Arrayed against him are several hundred thousand of the Undead and over ten million southern Californians that may turn at any moment. The Canadian army has crossed our northern borders, three brigades of Mexican Special Forces are headed towards San Diego on our southern border, and the virus has found a toehold in the east. Jones has his hands more than full, but on top of all this, he has another big problem. No general worth his salt attacks an enemy head-on while forgetting his backside, but he needs every veteran combat troop he has for the vanguard. All there is left to man his rearguard are the band, the company of dramatic actors, an infantry second lieutenant on his first day of active service, his cowboy friend, an attractive science officer, and a bunch of UCLA coeds. This then, is the tale of two mammoth battles waged on two fronts: I-Corps Battle for LA and the Battle for Joyous Gard, the castle like fortification built by the rearguard to protect the general and the Army of the West. PROFILER: To help people decide whether or not they might enjoy my series, I try to profile interested readers and steer away those who might be better off looking elsewhere. The Zombie Spring Series is a Zombie Lite version of the Zombie genre. Yes, it has plenty of gore and huge battles, but much of what I write is meant to be humorous. Mine is not a dour world-view of what would happen. The content is centered around happy, upbeat young people, who think they can win against all odds and maybe make a better life for themselves. If you like happy stories with a little romance interspersed with lots of military blood and guts, then you’re in the right place. So who might not enjoy this book? Fans of the movie: The Road or the Walking Dead might consider looking elsewhere for their entertainment. If you liked Warm Bodies, Zombieland with Woody Harrelson, or Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies then you are more likely to have a nice evening pouring through these pages. Bruce Campbell could be a character in my book.

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