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Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing

93 pages1 hour


Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing is a step-by-step guide for goldsmiths, jewelry designers and serious amateurs who want or need to learn how to string pearls and gemstones professionally. The course begins with the easiest techniques and builds on them to demonstrate the more difficult skills, trying knots between beads and attaching a clasp to a strand. A complete tools and materials list is included early in the book and at the beginning of each project for easy reference. Several suppliers, unaffiliated in any way with the author, are recommended to help students get started.
The book introduces critical jewelry manufacturing concepts in this niche including design versus manufacturing trade-offs, available materials, commercial findings and more.
A chapter on freshwater pearls is included since students will undoubtedly be working with this gemstone and will need to answer commonly asked questions from clients.
Three projects cover the basic techniques in this jewelry making niche. Upon completion the student can immediately begin manufacturing jewelry professionally as well as easily acquire new skills to develop a design vision. Whether the student decides to monetize his or her new skills or use them to make jewelry for personal use, this is a life-changing course, the beginning of a hugely rewarding and creative journey that will last a lifetime.

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