Jephthah, was born by a socially rejected woman, faced all kinds of discrimination, pushed out of his father’s house without a share in the inheritance. Despite this, he still attained such a prestigious height and fulfilled the purpose of leading his country at such a crucial time. How did he get this status? There was a lot of re-work on him. He went through a mind renewing process, learned some skills, and gleaned some understanding about life. He properly managed available and scarce resources. He had devotion and dealings with God in the process of growing from
Why will Jephthah’s company be the riffraff, vagabonds, vain and worthless men? In life, the thought of not measuring up to some standards and expectations set or defined by some people could encourage rebellious thoughts against the purpose of God for our lives. This make people develop worthless dreams and visions, accompany riffraff, vagabonds and adopt their ideas, courses and spend a lifetime engaging in this.
We are the product of thoughts we conceived within our mind and will be labelled someday, by thoughts encouraged today. The thoughts inspired by “inferiority complex” or “superiority complex” have greatly disrupted the progress of many people. Superiority complex is a form of inferiority complex. It is a reaction to some threats. Abilities, gifts and potentials are neglected by people because of inferiority complex.
How was Jephthah contacted? He was sent out, yet he could be connected. He was known for a particular job he could fight. For you to be connected in life, it would not be sudden, you must have an Identity, Contact address (Prison and land of Tob).

Ultimately, we can reach our height in a life time, short or long years on earth!

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