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A Just God Would Punish That! A Hilarious look at Teenagers

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Jack Bessie and his wife raised five biological teens, and then adopted six more. A Just God Would Punish That! is a collection of almost two hundred, two page essays on every possible bit of craziness teens can be responsible for. Titles such as, Don’t Answer the Phone if the Police Call, How Can I Like Myself Driving That Car?, and I Don’t Recall Asking for Your Opinion! capture the zaniness of life with teens wonderfully.
School, sex and dating, dishonesty, self esteem issues, body image, chores, punishment; the book leaves very little untouched and un-made fun of! Considering that most of the titles come from something snotty, sarcastic or stupid that was uttered by one of Jack’s herd, you get a hilarious glimpse at what the Bessie household had to suffer through, raising eleven of the wily critters called teenagers! A very funny, but warmly personal look, that will strike a chord with any other teen parent, and make non-parents sigh with relief!

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