The Story of Maggie Jordan
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Life’s voyage can make or break any one of us as we wind our way through its pleasures and heartaches. The Story of Maggie Jordan shares the experiences that become one woman’s incredible journey.

You will feel that you are visiting with a friend, as Maggie tells stories of her unusually eventful life. Some are comical, others are heartbreaking, but none are dull. They are told in this new author’s refreshing style and blended into a story so diverse and thoughtful, that it makes Maggie’s story one you will want to share with others.

Happy and innocent, the daughter of an Ohio farming family, young Maggie marries her high-school sweetheart. After suffering through months of this suddenly controlling and angry man’s physical abuse, a terrified Maggie is forced to escape, and return to her parents’ home.

The family relocates to a quiet town on the west coast of Florida, where Maggie enjoys an interesting career in modeling for well-known artists.

Life is peaceful again, and with a hopeful heart, she remarries, wanting to start a family.

Although blessed with four healthy children, the infidelity and verbal abuse in this second marriage gives rise to many months of postpartum depression and severe panic attacks. Betrayed by two men who had promised to love and cherish her, hearts will ache for Maggie as she works tirelessly on the challenging journey to raise her young children alone.

As this ever positive woman seeks a father figure for her family, Maggie’s life blossoms into stories of hilarity and high drama. Her enthralling life takes her in so many different directions that you are introduced to prominent, influential acquaintances and personal friends involved in infamous national headline news.

Success truly is it’s own reward. Once heartbroken and bone-weary, a faithful and blessed Maggie survives all of life’s challenges to become a happy, highly successful woman; an author who has a true understanding of the human heart. All women, especially those troubled women needing the courage to change their circumstances, will find hard earned and thought provoking guidance throughout The Story of Maggie Jordan.

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